SMART WALLABY 2 Sizes in 1 Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover for Kids & Adults | Washable XL Stuffie Seat | 100% Cotton | Pouf Organizer for Plush Toys, Linens, Quilts & Pillows | Blue Skies

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THE NEXT GENERATION IN STORAGE, DESIGNED ESPECIALLY FOR YOUR NEEDS. ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF SPACE COMBINED WITH FUNCTIONALITY. DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR CHILD’S BEST MEMORIES! As our little kids grow up their needs, interests and taste are ever changing. While they’ll leave behind their beloved younger-age games, develop new interests, or ask you for a more mature-looking room to host friends in, deep inside they still need to know their reassuring childhood buddies are nearby. These are their first and best friends from the time their personality was firstly shaped. Friends that are true, loyal and will ALWAYS be there for them – right? Read more TEACHING INDEPENDENCE Teaching the kids how to keep their stuff organized is not an easy task as every parent knows…From our experience, keeping it simple is the secret. Our bag encourages children to pick up their toys because it’s so easy – all they have to do is simply throw them inside the bag. Also, once they’ve finished, they are instantly rewarded by having their own personal seat they’ve just created to rest in from all that hard work… Read more IF IT’S SOFT – STUFF IT IN! t’s pretty much impossible to picture 79 Gallons worth of soft toys, linens, coats, pillows, blankets and towels. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! THINGS YOU CAN (BUT SHOULDN’T…) STUFF INSIDE OUR BEAN BAG: · 10 x washing machine loads · 150 x 2 Liter Coke bottles · 300 x toilet paper rolls · 600 x pairs of shoes · Or…Well over 120 stuffed animals You’ll be amazed just how much you can get into the smart wallaby bean bag. Read more HOW DOES IT WORK? Open the Smart Zipper halfway to create a comfy backrest or fully to get 50% extra storage! WHY SMART WALLABY BEAN BAG IS MORE COMFORTABLE THAN OTHER BEAN BAGS The smart wallaby bean bag is round, not ball-shaped, and has flat top and bottom plus a designated sitting area clear of any stitches or zippers. Sitting on it gives more support and the kids can really stretch out and relax on it. PERFECT SETUP FOR QUALITY TIME Nothing is more inviting than a comfy seat to cradle in with your child and read them a book, have a nice conversation or even just relax together watching TV, plus, you’ll be able to “steal” a whole lot og hugs… Read more