Small Plastic Folding Stool with Non-Slip Dots


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Small Plastic Folding Stool with Non-Slip Dots. Give your little one that extra boost he or she needs with the help of this vibrantly hued Folding plastic step stool. Bold and colorful, your kiddo will enjoy carrying it around and it will make it easier for you to find whenever you need to bring it out. The top is designed with a slip-resistant, rubber top that provides maximum traction to climb up safely and confidently. With a simple lift of the handle, it folds up to not take limited space. Easily tuck it away in the closet to store away when not in use. Use the built-in handle to bring it anywhere you want to go. From reaching the potty seat to getting that extra lift to reach the counters to help with dinner prep in the kitchen, this step stool helps you and your little to step up with confidence. For a portable foot stool for everyday tasks there is no better option than to have this handy helper around to take you to new heights.