Porch & Den Bed Pillows Sets of Gusseted Pillow – Premium Ultra Soft Microfiber Quilted Pillows Pair (Blue – Queen)


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Porch & Den Bed Pillows Sets of Gusseted Pillow – Premium Ultra Soft Microfiber Quilted Pillows Pair (Blue – Queen). Ultra Soft 100% Microfiber Striped Pillows. Hotel Pillows. Gussetted Pillows Optimal Size and Stitching: Pack of two White Microfiber king size pillows with Grey(gray) Gussets and piping. High quality double stitching that provides extra durability. Firm pillows that suit everyone: the best choice for stomach, side and back sleepers as these bed pillows suit every sleeping position giving a perfect nights sleep Healthy Lifestyle : Our gusseted quilted pillows are allergen and chemical free. They are also hypoallergenic pillows which are resistant to dust mites. High Quality luxury pillows: 100% brushed Microfiber material filled with 100% virgin polyester. Bed Pillows. Porch Den’s Gusseted Quilted Microfiber Pillows provide you with great rest and a good nights sleep which will make you brimming with vitality, provide you with an energetic morning and give you a decent state of mind in the entire day. We offer a Comfortable and Supportive pillow set that can help you fall asleep fast. Accent Pillows. Optimal Comfort Cuddle and snuggle away with this soft and delicate, polyester fiber-filled pillow to enjoy a relaxing bed and a blissful sleep. Professional tailored pillows are non-allergen and chemical free hence do not have any smell. Also they are Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites which give you a healthy feel while using the pillow. Fiber is constructed with perfection so as to be soft against your skin as well as resistant to wear and tear. Porch Den provide 100% brushed microfiber material pillows that are double stitched on the sides enhancing durability and are filled with 750 GSM 100% polyester fiber 7D hollow Siliconized filling which ensures that you sleep comfortably in any position and you can transform and fluff up your pillow in any shape you want. Gusseted Pillows How to Un-Pack and Fluff your pillow Pillows are vacuum packed and would require some time to fully expand. We recommend to give them at least 48-72 hours to fully fluff-up. You may press and tab the pillows with your hands a few time after opening them. If you want to accelerate the process and you dont see the results in the mentioned time then you may try the following: 1) Keep the pillows in direct sun for a few hour. This will evaporate all the moisture and expand the air inside, fluffing up the pillows. 2) Place the pillows in the dryer and tumble dry with 2-3 tennis balls wrapped in socks (or cloth). This will give heat to the pillows to evaporate moisture and expand air inside and the ball will knock the pillow fluffing up the filling. Features: 100% brushed microfiber material Gusseted pillows 7D hollow Siliconized filling 750 GSM 100% polyester fiber Double stitching Care Instructions We recommend that you hand wash the pillows but a machine wash with gentle cycling speed. Professional wash in a commercial size machine would be the best. Put in cold water and with a fabric softener. Make sure to not use hot water. Slight warm water would also do the job. Make sure that a detergent or any sort of bleach is not used. You may only use a fabric softener so if you want to. Shake and tab the pillows well before putting them to dry so as to minimize any clumps inside. Preferably, dry in sun or a warm area to prevent any growth of mold. If you are using a machine, tumble dry on gentle. Size Guide: King Size Pair 18 x 36 inches Queen Size Pair 18 x 26 inches