MediTub 32 x 38 x 38 Inch Walk-In Soaker Bath Tub 3238LWS

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32 x 38 x 38 Inch Walk In Soaker Tub The Meditub 32×38 is a beautiful free standing compact walk in tub that is enclosed on three sides. This walk in tub is made to fit into an existing shower stall enclosure, a smaller bathroom or into a mobile home setting. It has a front entrance, with an outward swinging door and is constructed of the highest quality industrial strength acrylic. This walk in bath tub is available in several variations such as with whirlpool jets only, air jets only, with a combination of both whirlpool and air jets (dual system), or as a soaker, with no jets at all. There is a 15″ contoured seat to provide you with ultimate comfort. Sit down and immerse yourself in a relaxing atmosphere, while all your stress disappears. This walk in bath tub comes with adjustable feet for easy installation and leveling. 3238LWS