Kaufman Joey Velour Cabana Stripe Multicolor Beach Towel, 4-Pack. – 32″x 62″ (32″x 62″)




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Kaufman Joey Velour Cabana Stripe Multicolor Beach Towel, 4-Pack. – 32″x 62″ (32″x 62″). Experience the soft, durable, and absorbent high-quality material in this velour two-color striped beach towel. Its rich and ultra-plush feel will instantly brighten up your day, combined with vivid, unique colors that make this towel pleasant to both look at and use daily. These classic cabana stripes fit perfectly in your family vacation to the beach, your home poolside, or even the bathroom or other home uses. Guaranteed comfort, style, and high-quality. The velour and stripes bring a cool and distinct feel to a soft and highly absorbent towel set, perfect for the pool, beach, spa, and any daily use. These high-quality towels offer: – A superb luxurious feel. – Value, unlike any other set sold online. – 100% Combed ring-spun weave for a luxurious feeling – Superb absorbency and comfort. Washing Instructions – Wash towels separately from other items of clothing to help decrease the transfer of towel lint to other pieces of clothing. – Use cold water to wash towels to avoid color bleeding. – Always use a mild detergent when washing towels. You may use a larger amount of detergent on towels that are heavily soiled. – Do not use fabric softeners. They may decrease the fluffiness and life of your towel by breaking down the fabric. – Do not use bleach at any stage of washing or drying. Doing so may discolor your towels and damage the fabric. Large: 32in x 62in Beach Towel, perfect for use anywhere you desire with comfort and space Velour Beach Towel with excellent quality, softness, and absorbency on both sides useful for all situations Set of 4 includes one Beach towel of each color, each with a unique color scheme