Grown Man Stuff – Coma Inducer® Pillow Sham – Kombu Green (Standard Sham – Kombu Green)


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Grown Man Stuff – Coma Inducer® Pillow Sham – Kombu Green (Standard Sham – Kombu Green). With the Grown Man Stuff – Coma Inducer Sham – Kombu Green, you can add that perfect finishing touch to the comfort of your bedding! This super soft pillow sham is made with some of the best bedding materials that Byourbed has to offer. One side of this machine washable green pillow sham is made with thick, plush berber fleece. Flip it over, and the other side of this pillow sham is made with our unique Bare Bottom material, which is spandex infused microfiber that is so soft, it has to be felt to be believed. No matter what part of this plush sham you touch, you’ll be met with amazing comfort! Inspired by the TV series Friday Night Lights, “Grown Man Stuff” represents not understanding something until you’ve experienced it for yourself. That’s our Grown Man Stuff Coma Inducer, it is so incredibly plush and soft that the photos just don’t do it justice. You’ll literally have no clue how comfortable it is unless you try it for yourself….That’s Grown Man Stuff! Don’t act like you know what it feels like to sleep through your alarm, what it’s like to practically pass out in a bed of coziness, or what Coma Worthy Sleep truly is. Don’t even try to pretend for a second that you understand Grown Man Stuff if you aren’t yet a real man. Grown Man Stuff Coma Inducer is made of an ultra cozy berber fleece that reverses to our silky smooth Bare Bottom luxury material. If you take the leap into adulthood don’t say we didn’t warn you that this is some serious Grown Man Stuff! Features: Material: Thick, Plush Berber Fleece Construction: A super plush pillow sham (1 unit) Care Instructions: Machine Washable – Gentle Cycle / Cold Wash Standard Sham – 21″ x 27″ King Sham – 21″ x 37″