Grounding Mattress Cover for Bed (Full Size) with Pillow Cover, grounding Sheets for Earthing, Improve Sleep with Clint Ober’s GROUND THERAPY Products

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EARTHING FULL SIZE MATTRESS COVER DIMENSIONS: 54″ x 75″⇒ WHAT IS GROUNDING?The earth beneath your feet provides you with food and water. It gives you a surface to sit, stand, walk, run, swim, climb, play, and build on. It also provides you with something very surprising – electrons. When you touch the ground with your bare feet or body, the electrons flow into you. This is called being “grounded.” In our modern society, we no longer sleep on the ground or walk barefoot outside all day like our ancestors did. We wear shoes and live in houses that shelter us from the elements but in doing so, we’ve disconnected ourselves from this important source of electrons. ⇒ WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF GROUNDING?The earth’s surface has a natural negative electric charge. When you touch your body to the ground, it dissipates static electricity and extraneous environmental electrical charges that are on you. At the same time, you receive a charge of energy in the form of free electrons and your body synchronizes with the natural frequencies of the earth. ⇒ IF YOU CAN’T GET GROUNDED OUTSIDE…START EARTHING!Depending on where you live and what season it is, it’s not always possible to be outdoors barefoot. In that case, and/or to spend more time grounded each day, use Ground Therapy products when you’re indoors. You shouldn’t have to suffer through terrible weather and unsafe conditions to connect to the earth each day. Instead, you can safely and easily connect with our products. ⇒ WHY USE EARTHING PRODUCTS?In 1988, grounding pioneer and Ground Therapy founder, Clint Ober, began investigating the natural benefits of grounding. He has worked with and inspired researchers for almost 25 years and developed Earthing systems used worldwide. Our grounding products are real, authentic, patent-protected grounding products.