Chesapeake Pebbles 2pc Bath Rug Set (20″x32″ & 20″x32″ – Safari)


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Chesapeake Pebbles 2pc Bath Rug Set (20″x32″ & 20″x32″ – Safari). A Plush Pebble Pattern Bath Rug add the feel of relaxation to your bathroom. It brings the coolness of hues of color into your bathroom. The light, dark and white colors of this bath rug set will surely be a welcome addition to your bath decor. The colors are made perfect by the pebble shapes of the design against white. Our Pebbles collection features fun and eye-catching designs and beautifully contrasted color combinations. This particular set was designed to bring a neutral and slightly warm tone into your bathroom color scheme. We have many beautiful color combinations to match your bathroom decor. When you’re seeking bath rugs that will bring soothing warmth and cool comfort to your bathroom, these are a great choice.