BidetMate 6000 Intelligent Elongated Bidet Toilet – Hands-Free Open/Close – Instant Heated Water, Dryer, & Seat – Quick Drying Cyclone-Dri Tech, Walk Away Auto Power-Flush, Auto Night Light – w/Remote

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Hey Mate, Want a Cleaner Bum? You found the right seat! Relax… BidetMate offers luxury down under care without wear and tear on your derrière. Previous page Save Trees. Save Water. Save Yourself. Make the world a better place, and make your everyday life better. BidetMate cares about the world we live in and you! That’s why we’re dedicated to making smart toilet seats the standard and not the exception. It’s not a toy of the wealthy, it’s an approachable, logical answer to something we all do every single day that provides more than just a wipe away. BidetMate is the way to a cleaner life. A Smarter, Healthier Wash Bidet toilet seats provide effective, hygienic bum care while saving you money and protecting the environment. Next page