Bidet Attachment for Toilet-Hot and Cold Water Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment-Self Cleaning Dual Nozzle for Front & Back Cleansing-Easy Install Bidet Sprayer

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Luxurious Appearance: Our bidet attachments feature stylish designs and high-quality components that will bring a higher-level look to your bathroom. Made of high pressure valve with metal/ceramic core and steel hose instead of plastic.The toilet attachment adjusts the water temperature: keeping you warm in the cold winter months or cool when the weather gets hot. Hot water comes from the sink connection.Dual Nozzle: just turn the dial and set to butt clean or female clean mode. The female nozzle keeps you clean during your menstrual cycle, perfect for new moms. Turning the other dial allows you to flexibly adjust the hot and cold water temperature. Switch to the temperature that works best for you, no matter how the weather changes.Easy to Install´╝ÜOur fresh water toilets fit most toilets. It only takes 15 minutes to install a toilet seat with a toilet lid, no plumber or electrician needed.