Apure Bidet A121 – Hot and Cold Water Bidet- Dual nozzles of wash and women wash- Selfcleaning Toilet Bidets

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Lever UP/DOWN to control waterflow, LEFT/RIGHT to control water temperature. Knob Switch to select the functions: Normal Rear wash, Feminine/Front wash or Nozzle Cleaning.Easy installation with open mounting system Higher accuracy of water sprays Retractable nozzles for hygienic use on bidet attachment. Read more Non-Electric Bidet (No heater inside) Bidet Controller Lever UP/DOWN slowly to adjust waterflow Lver LEFT/RIGHT to adjust water temperature Knob to select the functions (Wash; Women; Nozzle Cleaning) Bidet Installation Easier and Faster installation Save your time Pipe Connecting Metal T-adapter (7/8″x 1/2″x 7/8″) Metal T-adapter (3/8″ x 3/8″ x 8mm) Braided Hose (1/2″ x 1/4″) PU hose (1/4″ x 8mm) Read more Front-Back Nozzles Structure (To improve the accuracy of the water sprays) Turn Off The bidet is OFF. Nozzles inside the protective guard. Nozzle Cleaning Keep hygienic Every family member can use. Save tons of the toilet paper! Rear Wash/Front Nozzle 5-hole Nozzle for the normal rear washing Bidet washing leaves you more refreshed and clean. Women/Back Nozzle 7-hole Nozzle for the women front cleaningwater spray is gentler than the rear wash spray. Spray aims fronter, designed for ladies. Read more Apure Bidet A123- Only Cold Water Bidet If you need only cold water bidet, A123 model is available with dual nozzles (Rear+Front) and nozzle cleaning. Read more Read more